Code Book
Additional Health Behaviors Code Book

Additional Health Behaviors Code Book


The mention of anything firearm related, including paraphernalia (bullets, pistol smoke, holsters, etc) as well as direct or implied firearm use or consequences. Code this regardless of how the guns are used and code even if they are not used. For example, a description of an armed robbery, shots in the dark, or drive-bys.

Shorty I’m never slipping got the berretta in vision / And ready to pop the clip in, ready to get to tripping / 
Ready to show these folks a celebrity pistol whipping



Any situation that involves placing bets, making wagers, or playing games of chance. Types of gambling include cards (poker, blackjack), gaming machines (slots, video poker), track betting (horses, dogs), sports betting, dice (craps), random number games (roulette, bingo, keno), lottery.

Ohh myyyy / 20 throw down in my fist of rage / and the man to my left has folded down / 
well Johnny doubled up with a royal flush / I had three jacks and a pair of nines

Well he gambled in the white house and in the railroad yards / Wherever there was people, 
there was Willie with his cards