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Love Code Book

Love Code Book

Definition of Love

Any mention or description of romantic love, loving feelings for someone else, or a loving relationship. The love expressed must be directed towards a person, unless it is an observation about love in general. Romantic love can be thought of as “Feelings of longing for the other, including the desire to be intimate with them both sexually and psychologically, and feelings of loss and loneliness during separations. The experience of the beloved as special, idealized, necessary for one’s happiness. There is often a desire to know and share many details about the other. The preoccupation with and overvaluation of the loved one.” (Grunebaum 1997) Also, “Love typically involves a preoccupation with another person; a deeply felt sense of intimacy and desire to be with the loved one; and sense of commitment to the loved one (Zeidner & Kaluda 2008). Exclude love between family members or relatives.

Love Scale

1 = General reference, observation, or figurative speech about love
“Love is in the air / Love is blind / Love hurts”
“Oh catch that buzz / Love is the drug I’m thinking of / oh can’t you see / Love is the drug for me”

2 = A specific instance of love is mentioned or described
“I can’t take my eyes off of you / I can’t take my mind off of you”
“Now you just say ‘oh Romeo, yeah you know, I used to have a scene with him’ / Juliet, when we made
love you used to cry / You said ‘I love you like the stars above’ and I love you till I die”