Code Book
Mental Health Code Book

Mental Health Code Book

Definition of Mental Illness

Any mention or description of mental illness, which includes addiction (alcoholism, junkies, etc.,) DSM-IV categories (depression, anorexia, bipolar, etc.,) as well as slang (crazy, insane, schizoid, etc.) Situations where characters receive treatment such as pills or counseling for a mental illness but in which a label of mental illness is not give should be included (i.e. “I saw a shrink for two weeks.”) Also include situations in which someone is admitted to a hospital or clinic for mental illness (i.e. “They locked poor Jim away / He just couldn’t take it anymore.”)

Type of Mental Illness

Recorded if the mental illness is specifically labeled or implied. For example, if the type of mental illness is never specified (i.e. crazy, insane, etc.), the referent is coded as “implied illness.” Also, if the patient is assumed to have some sort of implied mental illness (receiving treatment) even if it is not specified, code as “implied illness.”


“Need it for my stomach cause my tummy aches / like a junkie on withdrawal, fresh up off the plate 
He said, ‘I just think you’re depressed / kiss me, yeah baby and go rest’ 


Out of all the hours thinking / Somehow, I’ve lost my mind
Now look at this / Madness the magnet keeps attracting me
The lunatic is in my head / You raise the blade, you make the change / You re-arrange me till I’m sane
/You lock the door / And throw away the key / There’s someone in my head but it’s not me