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Sex Code Book

Sex Code Book

Definition of Sexual Content

Any mention of sexual content, including nudity, kissing, sexual behavior (stripping, fondling, grinding, provocative dancing, intercourse, etc) or sex paraphernalia (condoms, BDSM or fetish items, etc), as well as direct of implied sexual contact.

Sex Scale

  • 1 = General reference, observation, or figurative speech about sexual content and/or paraphernalia
    Nothing but traces / a cold kiss / of rejection
    My mama never taught me ‘bout the birds and bees
  • 2 = Sexual content is implied
    Gonna hit the strip club tonight
    Baby when the lights go out / I’ll show you what it’s all about
  • 3 = Sexual content is described
    There she goes shaking that ass on the floor / Bumpin and grindin that pole 
    But she’s touching his chest now / he takes off her dress now 

Protection Used/Mention of Safe(r) Sex

Any mention about using safe methods or protective items during intercourse such as condoms or spermicidal lubricants. This does not include misuse, un-protective measures (double bagging, withdrawal) or discussion about not using protection (“We didn’t need no rubbers”).

Better wear a latex/Cuz you don’t want that late text/That ‘I think I’m late’ text/So wrap it up
In this world that we livin’ in we better beware/We need love /Sex but with protection 

Rape or Forced Sex

“Forced vaginal or anal penetration or forced oral sex” – force defined as: “physical and verbal threats… or the inability on the part of the victim to give consent because of alcohol or drug intoxication, unconsciousness, sleep, or youth” – from Bufkin, J. & Eschholz, S. (2000)