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Suicide Code Book

Suicide Code Book

Definition of Suicide

Suicides are defined as situations where a person has the option of living and chooses to take their own life. If a character is going to be killed but kills themselves preemptively, it is not a suicide (i.e. a man on death row who hangs himself in his cell.) Any mentions or descriptions of suicide or specific suicide instances. Includes figurative speech as well as situations that describe suicide aftermath.

Suicide Scale

  • 1 = General reference, observation, or figurative speech about suicide
    Escape is never the safest path
    You don’t like the way you are in the world / Anything around you/You can check out anytime you like
  • 2 = A specific instance of suicide is mentioned or described, including figurative descriptions of specific situations
    I throw a little fit / I slit my teenage wrist
    I’ll take a quiet life / A handshake, some carbon monoxide

Suicide Intervention

Any situation where someone proactively takes steps to prevent another person from committing suicide. Exclude the mention of paramedics arriving on the scene unless there was a description of someone calling for help. Coded whether the intervention is successful or not.

A slip noose hanging in my darkest dreams … They’re coming in the morning with a truck to take me home/
Someone saved my life tonight

I think her gun’s unloaded now / I guess tomorrow will be after all / Who made me judge and jury here / 
It seems I’m bearing witness to her fall

My body lies kissing the ground / Like a cross turned upside down / A man bends down and says,‘Son, 
we’re going to get through this one/Take my hand and let us pray…’ / I scream,‘Please get the fuck away’

Thick fog rolls in waves on the Golden Gate / I was checking my watch with 7 minutes left on my shift / 
When I spot a black skirt on the rail/Straddling the bar like it’s a quarter ride / She scared to jump but 
terrified to stay / Walk to her slow / Extend my hand with a smile and say / ’Ma’am how was your day? 
Keep your eyes on my face / I want to help you if you’ll let me